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Therapy: ABA, Core Services OAP

Age:     All Ages

Fees: Differ per service and time of day that is booked. Please contact us for ABI’s Rate Card.

Eligibility:    Determined by screen. 

Languages offered: English

Referral:     No

Location:    In-person and/or virtual 


Life & Independent Living Skills-The Purpose Project

Life and independent living skills refer to the abilities necessary for individuals to function effectively and autonomously in their daily lives. These skills encompass a broad range of tasks and activities that enable individuals to manage their personal affairs, navigate their environment, and participate actively in society with purpose and joy.

Developing proficiency in life and independent living skills is particularly important for individuals with disabilities or special needs, as these skills enhance their ability to live independently, foster self-confidence, and promote integration into society. Educational programs, vocational training, therapy, and support services often focus on teaching and reinforcing these skills to enhance individuals’ quality of life and facilitate their successful transition to adulthood.

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Teaching Life and Independent Living Skills
Can Help People Learn Purpose:

Personal Hygiene: Maintaining cleanliness and grooming, such as bathing, brushing teeth, and dressing appropriately.

Nutrition and Meal Preparation: Understanding basic nutrition principles, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, and safe food handling.

Household Management: Managing household chores, cleaning, laundry, organizing belongings, and basic home maintenance tasks.

Financial Management: Budgeting, handling money, banking, paying bills, managing expenses, and understanding financial transactions.

Time Management: Planning daily schedules, prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and managing time effectively.

Communication Skills: Verbal and nonverbal communication, expressing thoughts and feelings, active listening, and social interaction.

Transportation: Navigating public transportation, driving, or using other modes of transportation safely and independently.

Healthcare Management: Understanding personal health needs, scheduling appointments, managing medications, and accessing healthcare services.

Problem-Solving: Identifying problems, evaluating solutions, making decisions, and taking appropriate actions to address challenges.

Community Participation: Engaging in leisure activities, volunteering, accessing community resources, and participating in social events.


Meeting you where you are, Applied Behavioural Interventions & ABI Home Health & Wellness, is committed to providing those we serve with the necessary tools so that they may live their life to its greatest potential. Working with the entire family, we value connection, engagement and family-centred care, in your home and in your community.


Call, email or click on our chat box to book a time to chat to a Parent Service Co-Ordinator.

Once you have decided that ABI is the right fit for your family, we will book an in-home assessment where we will individualize a treatment plan.

Our Director, a Registered Nurse and BCBA, will meet with you personally to discuss recommendations based on the assessment and a proposal for service is submitted to you for approval. This is a fluid conversation where you decide what will work best for your child, and for your family.

Having the right Team by your side is important. Your trust in us is a privilege. Together, we will select your Team, a start date and provide you with as much support as you need, every step of the way.

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