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ABI’s BCBA’s offer a range of options to address behaviour.  Please see below:

Option 1: 

    • ABI’s BCBA’s provide individualised behaviour consultation and guidance. Book a consultation to discuss how we can help.  Practical functional assessments (PFA) and skill-based treatment (Dr. G. Hanley) are a part of this option.


Option 2: 

  • Consultation with a BCBA to provide specific supports to support children and youth by setting up systems such as token economies, schedules and self-management plans. Training is provided with your child, family and other care-givers and community partners.

In-person and/or virtual 


All Ages

Eligibility determined by screen

$150.00/hour and families are able to choose the frequency and duration of this service

Why is it important?

Understanding behaviour is crucial as it enables individuals to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate actions.

Once we have identified when a behaviour can be problematic, we can work towards replacing it with more suitable alternatives. This can lead to better experiences for a person in their different environments. It is vital to acknowledge that behaviour change is not only about changing behaviour, but is about helping our students and their families live their lives in a joyful and fulfilling way.

What is it?

In ABA, behaviour encompasses everything a person says or does, including observable actions and internal processes like emotions and thinking. Generally, behaviour refers to the skills and actions required for communication, play, and daily living. By observing and measuring behaviours, we can develop solutions to teach new behaviours which can help children improve their interactions within school, and with their family, and friends.

What can it look like?

Our primary focus at ABI is to help our students develop behaviours that are essential for their overall well-being and have a socially significant and positive impact on their lives. We will work collaboratively with you to increase behaviours that are important to help your child succeed and learn and be included in their community.

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