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Therapy: ABA, Core Services OAP

Age:     All Ages

Fees: Differ per service and time of day that is booked. Please contact us for ABI’s Rate Card

Eligibility: Determined by screen. 

Languages offered: English

Referral:     No

Location:    In-person and/or virtual 


About Parent Training

Parent training is an essential component of a successful Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program. As the primary caregivers of their children, parents play a crucial role in their child’s skill development. Hence, they must have a clear understanding of the strategies and techniques used in the program. This is where parent training comes in handy. It equips parents with the knowledge and skills they need to provide consistent and high-quality instruction to their children, helping them achieve their goals. Parent training also fosters positive relationships between the child, parents, and therapist, which is critical for the success of the ABA program.

Parent training is the transfer of critical skills from an ABA team to the caregiver of a student. It is one of the most important parts of the progression and maintenance of skill development to ensure the student can generalize skills to different people and within their natural environment. Parent training aims to exchange knowledge and build trust with our caregivers so they can feel comfortable and confident in the strategies they use with their loved ones. These strategies will not only help in the development of skills but also empower parents to be their child’s best teacher.

At ABI, we have a highly skilled team of parent coaches who are dedicated to meeting your child’s needs. ToIn order to determine your goals and what you want to teach your child, we will ask you a few questions. We may also ask you to provide some preliminary data or answer a few questions about your child’s behaviours.

Our ABA team will provide instructions on how to teach what you would like your child to learn, model the teaching process, roleplay the teaching process, and then provide you with helpful feedback. We will work closely with you to ensure that the teaching process is tailored to your concerns and interests.

Throughout the training, we will frequently discuss any considerations you may have and make adjustments to the teaching process as needed. Finally, we will hold follow-up discussions to ensure that what you have taught is being maintained.

Option One

  • Project ImPACT is an evidence-based parent/caregiver-mediated coaching program for children with autism aged 4 years and under and their caregivers. This is a 12-week program that alternates between group and individual coaching sessions and includes follow-up support. Caregivers can expect to learn social, communication, imitation, and play goal techniques to practice with your child during everyday activities.  Contact us for the cost of this program. 

Option Two:

Customized parent training and coaching.  Are you struggling to find a coaching program to address your specific needs? Contact us to find out how we can help.

How Parent Training & Coaching
Can Help Families:

Empowerment: Parent training and coaching empower parents by providing them with knowledge, skills, and strategies to support their child effectively.

Skill Development: These programs teach parents practical techniques for managing challenging behaviours, promoting communication and social skills, and fostering independence in their child.

Understanding Autism: Parent training helps parents better understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including its characteristics, strengths, challenges, and individual differences, leading to more informed and supportive parenting.

Early Intervention: Training equips parents with tools for early intervention, enabling them to recognize developmental delays, address emerging issues promptly, and facilitate their child’s progress in various areas of development.

Collaboration with Professionals: Coaching facilitates collaboration between parents and professionals, such as behaviour analysts, therapists, and educators, fostering a cohesive approach to intervention and maximizing the child’s outcomes.

Family Well-Being: Parent training programs address the holistic needs of families, offering support and resources to enhance family well-being, reduce stress, and strengthen parent-child relationships.

Advocacy Skills: Training empowers parents to advocate effectively for their child’s needs within educational, healthcare, and community settings, ensuring access to appropriate services, accommodations, and support.

Customized Support: Coaching offers individualized guidance tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each family, recognizing that interventions must be personalized to the child and family context.

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