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Sex Education

See below for ABI’s sex education options:

Option 1:

  • Parents can customize and individualise what they wish their child to learn in the “Individual” approach using the science of ABA to teach.


Option 2:

  • Using the “Rights, Respect, Responsibility Sex Education” curriculum taught by ABI our Specialists. This curriculum is built on 30 years of research into effective sex education programs, and addresses both the functional knowledge related to sexuality and the specific skills necessary to adopt healthy behaviours. Available for ages 4 and up.  Topics include:
    1. Anatomy and physiology
    2. Puberty and adolescent development
    3. Identity
    4. Pregnancy and reproduction
    5. STDs/HIV
    6. Healthy relationships
    7. Personal safety

Note that the total number of lessons will vary based on the ability of the student and scope appropriate to teach relative to age and comprehension

In-person and/or virtual

4 and up

Eligibility determined by screen

 No out of pocket expenses for families currently receiving funds through the OAP and for families paying out of pocket, ABI is pleased to offer a sliding scale in an effort to serve our Families. Contact us for the cost of the lessons which are determined by the whether you wish to engage in a customised program or partial/full curriculum.

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